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What are the techniques to prioritize software development needs?

Software Development Needs Prioritization

The Best Ways to Deal with Software Development Requirements Prioritization

Nearly every software development company struggles with catering the multiple requirements of the development. There are various things that affect software development such as budget, constraints and deadline. It is not possible to get all the work done at once, therefor one needs to be accurate with software requirements prioritization. One needs to take decision to cater one type of requirement first and leave rest of them for later.

Focusing on one requirement is the key, but along with that having a flexible approach is also useful as requirements are tend to change frequently. Handling software requirements prioritization is crucial part of the project. There are top prioritization criteria such as urgency, keeping up with the deadlines, fixing technical complexity and preference of stakeholders.

Project requirement prioritization helps the project manager to make the development less complex. A manager can plan delivery stages and work properly on one part of a project at a time. It is not that easy. One has to make tough decisions and difficult trade-offs. And the company which is in early stage of growth, may have to face situation where the project has to be done within limited period of time and also with limited resources. The one solution for dealing with such situation is strong leadership which is well-focused on current tasks on hand like Outsource Services India. If one can master the technique of software requirement prioritization, it surely impacts positively on the results.

Here are some of the proved techniques of software requirement prioritization.

  • Before making an important decision, analysis of key areas has to be considered seriously.
  • The main benefit is that the business gets proper result when the implementation gets done perfectly.
  • The result of not implementing requirement properly gets penalized.
  • When it comes to cost, it has to be decided with the effort and resources that need for implementing requirement.
  • Taking risk into account which can be not delivering the expected value.
  • Talking expiry date and urgency of the requirement into consideration.
  • Considering stability which is for requirement to remain static.

Creating a dependency map is also beneficial for the project. When it becomes clearer that which requirement has high dependency rate on another requirement, the prioritization can be done properly. Usually most requirements are depending on each other and there can be rare case when a requirement is completely independent. So, creating a map is very useful.

There are some methods that can be useful for requirement prioritization:

MoSCoW Method

It is far better than the numeric rating system. Stakeholders can easily rate the requirement with Must, Should, Could or Would.

Voting Method

The easiest and simplest way to prioritize requirement is voting method. When there are a number of requirements that need to be categorized into various categories with stakeholders input, voting works in a best way.

Bubble Sort Method

The process is same as in voting method, but it allows to find out the right kind of priority quickly. It takes comparing two requirements with each other and finding the one that has more priority.

Hundred Dollar Method

When there is to decide which requirement is more important by multiple stakeholders, all of them get conceptual 100 dollars. One may decide to give all of them to only one requirement or distribute the weightage by distributing points. In the end the points get counted and the one that has received more number of points gets maximum priority and Software Development continues accordingly.


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