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Why Business Require To Design Website For Mobile App?


Do you really think having website is over in this age of mobile apps? Majority of the business owners think now days that design a website is not useful, nothing surprising everyone believes same but actual scenario is different. Have you ever thought about design website for mobile app? If not, then this is a time to focus on it.

Design Dedicated Website for Mobile App – How It Would be Beneficial

In the beginning days of mobile app development, dedicated website for a mobile app is never tried by the businesses. But day by day competition is increased and requirement of promotion is increased. With the increment in demand of promotion businesses once again turn towards website.

Why You Need To Design Website For Mobile App?

Now you are thinking why you need to design dedicated website for mobile app. Right! Now businesses create mobile app to run their business but create a beautiful website well before launching of original mobile app. A dedicated app website enables business with the definitive SEO advantages and build a base from business owner starts promotion and helps to engage brands with customers.

There are many reasons why businesses hire a professional company for website design and development and build a dedicated website for their mobile app. Few of most popular benefits are listed as below:

and build a dedicated website for their mobile app. Few of most popular benefits are listed as below:

Develop A Base For Promotion Initially:

Those who know something about to development of mobile app knows that it is not possible to create app store page without launching real mobile app. Then how you can start promotion of mobile app. Yes, you are thinking right design website for mobile app helps you a lot in starting promotion initially.

Build a dedicated website for mobile app and load it with the things like coming soon banners, screenshots, gameplay videos, trailers, teases etc. Now you have taken first step and you are eligible to start a social media campaign for you mobile app based on newly design dedicated website for mobile app. Dedicated website for mobile app also establishes genuineness also.

Search Engine Optimization:

A survey says 16% people find mobile apps using general browsing and at least 14% potential users find it through direct search. Stats shows that search engine still influences promotion and improves app download numbers. Now, every one knows these days that if you want to get a rank in search engine you should start promotion as early as possible.

Design dedicated website for mobile app drives you towards this direction and create initial base for search engine optimization. SEO increases people talking about your mobile app and start to build audience. For, SEO also you need something to promote so design website for your mobile app and start to promote it well before launching of actual mobile app.

Grab Emails of Potential Users In Early Stage:

Urge you audience to subscribe in update feed and send them updates about your mobile app regularly. Keep your potential users informed about release dates, future updates and many other things. A dedicated website for mobile app establishes communication channel between your mobile app and potential users. Design website for mobile app, collect emails of potential users and increase your initial installs depending on subscriber list.

Feedback and Recommendations:

Due to dedicated website for mobile app you are able engage potential users using effective social media campaign. Build a community and boost a word of mouth app downloads. Discuss standard app features, request for recommendations, feedbacks in early stage and know the expectations of your audience from mobile app.

Credibility Improvement:

Design website for mobile app in early stage and improves credibility of your mobile app. If you have recognized identity using dedicated website of mobile app, it would be easier to promote, increase app downloads, improvement in in-app purchases etc. with high level of trust. A dedicated website for mobile app establishes strong credibility of your app. 

Popular Design Features of App Website

Every app is different and associated unique website. There are several companies like Outsource Services India recognized as a best website design and development company because of their all-inclusive approach to build a professional website for mobile app. They add many exclusive features while designing website for mobile app but there are few common design features app website should have:

Device Screenshots:

Potential users come on website to see how mobile app would look like and what are the capabilities of it. Best way to demonstrate your app is               screenshots of the mobile application and gameplay video. Design website for mobile app with both these features.

App Video Trailer:

App video trailer gives a quick snapshot of your mobile application. It is a must have feature for consumer app and specially for game app. Showcase app video trailer prominently on dedicated website for mobile app.

Gifts All Around

Gift loyal customers and subscribers. Yes, this is a common idea but unlocking gifts using design would be hidden gem for future of your mobile app.

App Store Badges:

Once you launched mobile app for business then put download link on website. It creates universal symbol of your mobile app and improves credibility and you get a benefit of prebuild lists in initial app downloads.


Design website for mobile app is must have thing for business. Give some good information about your mobile application well before launch of actual app using dedicated website for mobile app. Keep mobile app website simple and easy with general facilities like download button, screenshots, social links etc. although it would be good to have detailed info also on website. You can always reach us for more information or to discuss your next or current project at any stage if you like this extensive discussion on how design a website for mobile app is beneficial to your business.


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