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Convert Website to Mobile App – Top 3 Reasons

Convert Website to Mobile App

Convert Website to Mobile App – Why It Is Vital?

Have you ever considered uplifting your business by taking it to mobile platform? If this step is not taken at the right time, your business can suffer and lag behind in the race for innovation. Technology is an arena that compels businesses to stay at par with latest inventions to survive in the industry. Entrepreneurs are off-lately thinking to convert website to mobile app using professional mobile app development services to match with fast –changing trends of digital age.

As a matter of fact, number of internet users over mobile has surpassed the total number of internet users using desktops and laptops.

Internet Usage

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As per Statista report, gross annual revenue of mobile app is projected to exceed $189 billion by the year 2020.

Annual Revenue Mobile App

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Now that you know the growing scope of mobile app for business, let’s understand reasons why should you convert website to mobile app:

Promote your Business Extensively with Mobile App

First undeniable reason for you to convert website to mobile app is that it acts as an effective tool for promoting your business. Who would not like to utilize such a great too that has the potential to skyrocket your business and take it to a higher level?

Businesses are exploring opportunities and ways to promote their services and products through mobile app. Surprisingly, this mobile app promotion strategy has proved to be much more effective that website promotion. This pointer clearly explains the drastic rise in demand for ‘convert website to mobile app’ services.

Stay Connected with your Audience

Reaching out to customers is relatively simpler with a mobile app compared to website. It is a great branding technique where the image of your company logo is frequently presented in front of user. As per psychology, human mind unconsciously records everything that it comes across frequently.

Businesses website can be either based on WordPress platform or PHP framework. No matter which technology is used for creating your business website, it is possible to convert PHP website to mobile app easily with the help of professional mobile app development company like Outsource Services India.

Convert WordPress website to mobile app service from companies helps businesses in widening their customer base. This is because mobile audience (which is 51.3% of total internet using audience) is added to the list of traditional web users. It becomes easier for businesses to circulate any important updates among their customers with an option to send out instant push notifications.

Experience Higher Customer Engagement with Business

Mobile apps are known for improving and enhancing user experience, which directly results in higher engagement ratio of customer. Convert website to mobile app to experience customer loyalty towards your brand and build an interactive relationship with customers.

Apart from comfort and convenience offered by mobile app over website, businesses can send personalized offers and discounts to customers. This makes customer feel valued and they start taking interest in your company. This ultimately results in higher engagement ratio.

Aforementioned top 3 reasons explain why should you convert website to mobile app and stay at the forefront of mobile revolution. Find the right technology partner that can help you survive in this age of digital transformation.


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