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Cheat Sheet to Build a Taxi Booking App like Uber

Build Taxi Booking App Like Uber

The success, popularity and extensiveness of taxi booking app like Uber is known to all. Uber Technologies Inc. that launched 8 years ago, is now USD 5.5 billion passenger taxi company, responsible for commuting people of 528 cities worldwide. These statistics, success, history and current position of company is motivating for one to build a taxi booking app like Uber and earn revenue by offering such service.

Do You Want to Build a Taxi Booking App: Here’s What You Need to Know

Now that you have shown interest in developing cab app solution for taxi business, you should know about what goes into making one such mobile app. A team of efficient iOS and Android developers, designers, project managers and UI / UX experts would be good to start working on this project.

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When the resources are available at bay, you need to make a full-proof plan and strategy for building a passenger app development like Uber. First aspect to list down during planning is what set of features would be needed to implement:

From Passenger’s View Point:

  • Simple to use booking interface
  • Allow user to register with social media account or email ID
  • Suggestion for destination as the user starts typing it based on travel history and maps
  • Automatic fare calculator that gives users a rough estimate of travel cost
  • Feedback to share riding experience and rate driver’s efficiency
  • Message option to contact driver and guide him on exact pick-up point
  • Payment using credit card information stored in the app for quick access or any previously selected wallet

From Driver’s View Point:

  • Registered driver login by entering essential details of license and registration number.
  • Alert for every incoming request from passenger with an option to accept and deny
  • Easy navigation that dictate the route to reach to the passenger for pick-up
  • Work list that displays number of rides taken, payment and profit earned

Integrate Latest Technologies in Your Mobile App

While you are planning to build a taxi booking app like Uber, which is an on-demand service providing mobile app, ensure to make the most of trending technologies. Mobile app that supports real-time navigation using Global Positioning System (GPS) feature of phone is a must.

Apart from that, iOS mobile app developer would need CoreLocation framework and MapKit framework to offer seamless routing options to driver. Android apps need Google location service API to track exact user’s location.

What Else is Needed to Build a Taxi Booking App like Uber?

Companies building a taxi app like Uber including Outsource Services India glad to provide you estimation to build a taxi app like Uber according to your specifications with detailed roadmap of building Uber clone.

What Other Key Features Does Taxi Booking Apps Like Uber has?

  • Personal profile editing and Manage personal information
  • ‘Active / Inactive’ option. Active drivers are visible on the map through App like Uber
  • Activity alerts. The app like Uber informs the driver when he is chosen and displays the estimated ride fare
  • Calling to a passenger and Call or text the driver right from the app
  • Generating daily / monthly reports of past bookings and earnings in the mobile app
  • Book a taxi as needed
  • Personal discount and Track an approaching taxi
  • Automatic payment execution with possibility to split the fare with a fellow traveler
  • Rate the driver after the ride

For any mobile app to succeed, appealing design and good user interface is essential. Make your on-demand mobile app simple for anyone to understand and use. With these key features in mind, go ahead with your plan to build an app like Uber and promote it at high-level to make it reachable to audience. The profit you earn once the app is established successfully is sure to leave you by surprise.


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