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3 Options to Design Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile Friendly Website Design

If you have been on the fence about the design mobile friendly websites after reading this you have clear vision to design mobile friendly websites.  We all know that from past few years internet usage in mobile drastically increase and it is confirmed by several authenticated online sources.

One of the most popular search engine Google announced “Mobile Friendly” label for Smartphone searches to improve mobile search performance and this label soon going to affect search engine rankings. Increasing demands of mobile searching and shopping recent time it is necessary now to design mobile friendly website.

Design Mobile Friendly Website

Does your current website is mobile friendly? If not here are proper way to design mobile friendly website that helps to drive revenue and stay competitive in search engine rankings.

Choosing Right Approach

Generally there are 3 type of approaches are popular to design mobile friendly websites, Known as responsive, Dynamic serving and Separate mobile website. Various factors affects your choice of approach to design mobile friendly website like are you creating mobile friendly website from scratch, do you want to convert existing website in mobile friendly website, what do you want to visitors on mobile friendly website etc.


In this approach to design mobile friendly website CSS provide different rules based on browser width to entire page, URL, HTML, images, contents and everything. This approach is best suitable and popular these days to redesign website and convert to mobile friendly website.

Adaptive/Dynamic Serving:

Don’t worry in dynamic serving website URL will not change it remains the same but the only difference in this approach is server will send diversified HTML and CSS based on which kind of handheld mobile device is requesting the webpage and according to that dynamically website will converted in to mobile friendly website. Dynamic mobile friendly website design services are not much popular approach compare to other two approaches of designing mobile friendly website.

Separate Mobile Site:

This approach of designing mobile friendly website is somewhat similar to dynamic approach but only difference is generally in this websites hosted on sub domain like m.yourdomain.com or in subfolder like yourdomain.com/mobile. Design mobile friendly website as per this approach allows using the same URL as the desktop site and doing dynamic serving to mobile visitors.

If different URL is used for mobile friendly website then also often they kept parallel with the desktop for example, www.yourdomain.com/firstpage and m.domain.com/firstpage, this facilitates with the smooth redirects as per mobile and desktop user. But here you have unlimited options so you can completely set a different site structure also but in mobile URL should be necessarily different.

Mobile Friendly Website Design Services:

If you want a cost effective way or resources are limited, we suggest you to utilize user friendly CMS development like wordpress. Outsource Services India (OSI) is a website design company design mobile friendly website design since inception of mobile friendly websites prefer to bring into play responsive website design services or pre-made wordpress responsive themes and just do wordpress theme customization this take least amount of cost, resources and content creation.

We offer both responsive website design services from scratch and wordpress customization services across the globe and having list of satisfied clients. Get in touch with us for quality mobile friendly website design services and low cost wordpress customization services. On time delivery of low cost mobile friendly website design with complete functionality with 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.


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