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10 Things to Consider in Selection of Perfect CMS

10 Key Points to Select Perfect CMS

Content management system is an easiest way to manage your business website effectively. As perfect CMS leaves strong impact on success of business website. A good CMS improves look and feel of website and most importantly it helps to manage contents without any technical assistance.

Although success of a good CMS is reliant on the selected CMS development services provider. Best CMS development services provider makes website that utilize best CMS in the market empowers you to become comfortable with management of website.

Here, we have discussed key factors to select perfect CMS for your website. We start our discussion with the currently available top content management systems and their statistics of user-friendliness.

Statistics of Top CMS Available In Market

CMS Stastics

User-friendliness level of CMS

User-Friendliness of CMS

Here, please not that cost of implementing a CMS is very much based on the actual needs and this price are just indicative but it varies as per the requirement. A best WordPress development services provider helps you to lower down the cost and improves the user-friendliness of your business website. Now, what are the factors that make CMS perfect? Few of them we have discussed below:

Core Functionality

Managing website is a core functionality of a CMS which includes add, edit, delete and maintaining the web page. If you are taking casually that every CMS is doing the same things but actually these are basic core functionality and many other functions rely on this. Therefore, it is important to understand core functionality.


Editor is user interface that is used to add and edit the contents of website. Editor is not responsible for look and feel of website but it is used by content publisher for adding headings, links, images, lists etc. It must have capability to maintain images and downloadable files these days.

Managing Assets

Your business website that needs that enables flexibility in content presentation and retrieving. There are CMS in a market which are not effectively manage images and files but as these attributes important for CMS design. CMS should have search engine friendly attributes, uploading and downloading of files and facility of image editing tools like resizing, cropping, rotating etc.


Search bar is a most important factor for any business website. Search function help end user of business website to access required contents easily and a research says half of the user starts with the search option.


Customization of CMS make CMS more user-friendly. Simple example is you need a comment on a one page and not required on another page this could be managed with the customization. Same way there are some high end requirements which require professional customization skills and flexibility of customization form the CMS. WordPress facilitates clients with great customization facilities and there are several companies providing WordPress customization services for better management of business website.

User Interaction

User feedback is important for business website therefore, CMS should enable website with the chat, comments, ratings, forums etc. If CMS dont own it if CMS provides easy customization there are several third-party plugins are available for this.

Roles and Permission

A perfect CMS enable business website owner with the effective roles and permission to manage, add, edit, delete the contents. For example, one can job advertisement and other can just share an article on business website. Roles and permissions implements proper management of business website.


This is not a common functionality and used rarely specially when something posted by accident on business website and you want to come back on the previous page of last saved state.

Multiple Website and Support

A good CMS supports multiple website this is not compulsory function but it is necessary when you want to manage several websites through single CMS.

Multilingual Support

When you need to target both domestic market and international market multilingual support helps a lot, this is a must have function for a good CMS. It is beneficial in case when your product you listed on the business website is language oriented, you can change the language accordingly.

Wrapping Up

It is very useful and beneficial to have these kinds of features in CMS. There are many CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. are available in market and all are helpful as per the actual needs but WordPress is a CMS which is one of the most popular among all these CMS.

There are CMS development companies like Outsource Services India having years of experience and great expertise in CMS development and customization. This CMS development company can offer custom CMS development also. Hire WordPress developer from Outsource Services India to get well equipped and well-designed CMS as per your actual needs.


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